Sourcing the best Business Directories for use in Local SEO

We are Small Business! That’s no joke. We have started and run several small businesses and each have had a solid presence on the directories listed on this website as well as the search engines. We believe in search engine optimization (SEO) and local search marketing as a long term strategy for small business. The Yellow Pages are frankly, dead, thus you have to go where the consumers are which is online. If you don’t have the time to invest in building profiles on each and every one of these websites then we suggest you hire a company that offers local SEO services to do it for you. It’s worth your time and or investment. As we’ve found the long-term benefits of having a strong local search presence are invaluable.

MapQuest Business Listings

If you haven’t considered uploading your local business information to MapQuest then now is the time. Consider this.. there are plenty of webmasters that use MapQuest on their websites and if...


Insider Pages

Insider pages is a must have for small businesses. Make sure to pick your category carefully as this is one local business directory that Google uses to classify businesses in their search results.

Yahoo Local Listing

Yahoo is a great place to list your business. If your customer is using Yahoo search then it’s  a must. Their basic listing is free while there are other more advance options available....


Google Places for Business

If you don’t have your business verified with Google Places then it’s time to get started, now. This is the holy grail (as far as Google is concerned) and can impact your business in a...


Merchant Circle

One of the most powerful directories for small business. You can connect with your peers, write reviews of local businesses and you can even write your own blog. Overall it’s our top pick to...